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Our team is built up of experienced and passionate people who love what they do. 
After all, this whole thing started with a love story.

Once upon a time….

in a land not so far away (this land now known as California) there lived a young programmer who married the fairest maiden in all the land. She had just begun her career as a real estate agent – the future was uncertain but full of optimism and promise.

They struggled and toiled as most young couples do… but let’s shoot ahead 15 years or so and jump over the boring stuff — and this magical thing, the Internet, has started to take hold. So this programmer, his majesty known as Sir Greg Mazurek, (who has programmed many large scale systems – such as the automation of Coca-Cola’s production & warehousing systems, and designed and was coding pieces of Bank of America’s online banking systems) took on the task of creating online tools for his fair maiden to utilize to further her real estate career and help them build their real estate empire.

then in 2007 ePropertySites.com (version 3.0) was born. Much success was enjoyed and Inc. 500 laid praise to this software version 4 years in a row! But alas… in 2012 AgentMarketing.com (version 4.0) was born (into the cloud) which included customizable personal IDX websites. This current version of our software is a true 4th generation and 4th major re-write of the system. Even with all the new and innovative technologies of current times, we still hold steadfast to the tried and true tools that have worked through the days of yore.

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