Journey to the World of Elegance, Luxury Lifestyle and Inspirations

Shawn Penoyer Interiors presents this new blog created with the belief that Interior Design, Architecture, Art of the Garden, Style and Trends describes time, place where we live and  individual characteristics that makes each of us unique. We would like to invite you on a journey to the World of Elegance, Luxury Lifestyle and Inspirations!

Shawn Penoyer is an incredible designer, entrepreneur and friend to his clients. From being an owner/operator of a high end luxury car dealership, private pilot, and a host of other creative endeavors, he has finally found his passion… interior design, exterior architectural design, development and remodeling. Shawn loves to create, and he is happy to work on small, one room projects to large houses with 25+ rooms and exteriors architectural elements; no project is too small or too large!¬† We have our own crews of installers from drywall, plumbing, tile and stone craftsmen, CAD Renderer’s and design gurus who are anxious to produce award winning designs.

Shawn continues to work with his crew on all aspects of the business and they travel throughout the US and abroad to give our clients award winning designs. Whether they are selecting fabrics together, hanging chandeliers, or choosing paint colors, Shawn and his crew are a team and our portfolio and work shown on this site is a testimony to their hard work and persistence.

Remember, our goal is to make our clients homes a showpiece that you can be proud of, and its our opportunity to create an award winning design for our portfolio!

  • Georgia Association of Design Professionals
  • NKBA – National Association of Kitchens and Bath Industry Associate
  • National Interior Design Association
  • National Association of Interior Designers and Architects
  • Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

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